Moderation Is Key is like no other book before, on healthy living. It is simple, gives a ton of fresh insights...a comprehensive manual.
It shows how to develop a good relationship with food, be a good custodian of your body, God’s temple; fulfil your unique purpose, enjoy food and be healthy too.

Oghomwen (Owen) Jones

Moderation is Key

Good health is necessary to live life and fulfil our purpose. This is fundamentally about the quality of the foods we eat and how we exercise.
Our bodies are the Lord's temple, which should be looked after intentionally. God wants His perfect will, for our lives fulfilled. A healthy body helps.
Christians and non-Christians, will benefit from 'Moderation Is Key', as looking after our bodies is universal. We only reach our full potential with a healthy body.
Many who have struggled in this area, will with this book, be encouraged and find help.I share my experience of weight loss and maintenance and several tips.
As long as we live, we must eat. It is in our best interest, to develop a healthy relationship with food.

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